The accompanying images show what goes into his design process. Whether you're currently job hunting or simply open for interesting opportunities, a personal website can prove to be a remarkably effective tool in your career. At the bottom of the page, shes created an About me section to share her story alongside an image of herself. Owned by writer Geraldine DeRuiter, this blog also features a "Best Of" section that allows new visitors to learn about what the blog covers to get acclimated. If you want an example of one of the best personal websites, Alices is right up there. This financial blog is a funny, browsable website that offers sound insight into money management for the layperson. If you're thinking about creating a personal website of your very own, check out the examples below that hit the nail on the head. Many photography portfolios are little more than an image gallery. The limited use of light blue enables it to stand out and serve as a focal point wherever it does appear. Publish often. HubSpot also recommends these professional bio examples, tips & templates. Thomas Bosc has put together a compelling and informative portfolio design that captures his content creation skills., The screenshot below shows what materializes after scrolling down on the homepage. A photographer and marketer, Pein Geerlings combines both worlds through website creation. Tonnina is showcasing advanced and complicated web development skills, but the images and storytelling methods he uses are simple and easy to understand. Revolving around this unique topic, her website features both her own personal brand and the multidisciplinary design agency shes founded, Faber Futures. This retro graphic user interface feels like a time machine bringing you straight into the early days of Mac OS. Brand yourself and use consistent logos and colors to identify your name and your skills amongst the bevy of visuals. Consistently publishing on a blog is a great way to attract attention on social media and search engines -- and drive traffic to your site. Mack and Pouya show that you can have a photography portfolio thats more than just pretty pictures. While a resume is a sole, largely unchanging document, a personal website can be customized and updated according to what you're working on, or what you want to emphasize. All we have to do is scroll to learn more about Kyle, preview selected works, and find his social media profiles and contact information in the website footer. Hip hop artist K. Sparks shares anything from his beats and video clips to information about sources of inspiration on his personal music website. With a well-ordered layout, plenty of negative space, and good use of colors, the design presents a very smooth user experience. Your personality, style, and sense of humor could be what sets you apart from other sites! His homepage, shown above, sets a lighthearted yet passionate tone for his readers. It covers all the bases of a resume -- and then some -- by discussing his educational background, work experience, and skills in a highly visual way. The variety of images along with some subtle drop shadows provide a nice sense of dimensionality. In fact, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and content marketers can all use web portfolios to show off their skills in a more user-friendly way than a resume or hard copy portfolio. The accomplished individuals behind them range from entrepreneurs to consultants, artists, health practitioners, and more, so youre sure to find something to help put you on the right path: London-based designer, founder and speaker Natsai Audrey Chieza operates at the intersection of design and biotechnology. With a layout full of slick animations and effective copywriting, Cheechs online portfolio communicates what she does with a great level of depth. If you need a stylized and well-organized personal website template, start here with the free cloneable, Editorial.. The site keeps up-to-date with a list of Aarons upcoming shows, allowing visitors to easily reserve their spot using an online booking system. A one-page design doesnt mean skimping on the details. Oops! Choose a logo or icon to make your information easily identifiable. Side Hustle Nation is the business blog of Nick Loper, an advisor whose website offers tons of valuable financial advice for individual business owners. template powerpoint swot analysis templates business examples microsoft presentation slidehunter present ppt slide chart organization camera advertisement jolly becky Plus, Dan includes case studies that offer deeper insights into his work and process., Dans unconventional yet effective design is a solid example of a personal website that grabs site visitors attention and keeps them engaged with specific details.. Halpin's portfolio is short, sweet, and to the point, which is authentic to his voice and personal branding outlined on the site. Notice how a little illustrated portrait of Aaron serves as the websites logo, favicon, and footer, tying it all together into one cohesive visual identity. Another cool way to promote yourself and your skills is to create a personal website that doubles as a demonstration of your coding, design, illustration, or developer skills. Build website interactions and animations visually. The site launches into a fullscreen portrait of Natsai, paired with her name and main specialties. All thats required is a name and email address. The whimsical branding and unique way of sharing information ensure that his site is memorable to visitors. Animations dont end here, with a myriad of scroll-triggered interactions that slide content and images into place. It suggests you'll get friendly content all committed to a single goal: financial freedom. Part interior design portfolio, part photography website, and part zero-waste blog, this personal website example touches on all the main points that make up Lauras work. If you have a strong online presence, its always a good idea to include these external pieces of content in your personal website design. And while being concise is good, there's very little opportunity to convey your uniqueness, or for your personality to shine through at all for that matter. Mias site has an online ordering system to take orders such as her original fudge, vegan fudge and even some fudge OG M-Bomb candy balls. This is another example of an effective one-page portfolio website. These pages also include his contact information on the right-hand side, making it easy to reach out and connect at any point: Daveid's website is a great example of "less is more.". But by turning his website into a portfolio featuring images from different campaigns he's worked on, he makes visitors want to keep clicking to learn more about him. This major homepage design trend is great for setting the stage, clearly defining the topic and tone of the website from the get-go. This blog looks a bit busier, but its consistent branding helps visitors easily navigate the site. With icon packs, UI kits, and illustrations all available for sale as well as some being offered for free Petr puts their design handiwork out there for people to use in their design projects., Though this is an outlet for selling some of his digital products, ecommerce never stands in the way of communicating his expertise. And there's a good reason for it: It's supposed to be a single, no-frills page that documents your work experience. Keep branding consistent between the website and document versions: Use similar fonts, colors, and images so you're easy to recognize. The top post shows readers how Nick, himself, creates content that helps his business grow, while the third post down keeps his readers up to date on his blog's growth over time. It's a consumable narrative that at once captures Stank's personality and credentials. It's important to keep the design of your visual portfolio simple to let images capture visitors' attention, and D'Orio accomplishes this by featuring bold photographs front-and-center on his website. With a personal website, she is able to reach potential customers and show off her deeply rooted interest in sustainable fashion. When hovering over each of them, visitors can see the large number of followers Tobias has on each platform, evidence of his creativity when it comes to content, second only to his freestyling moves. Vance gives anyone landing on his portfolio a wealth of content showing his design work. However, this personal site has substance. This merging of traditional graphic design with digital is further emphasized with her use of typewriter typography. Emre opens with a clear message: I can help your business to get online and grow fast, then follows the statement with previous clients logos. Site visitors will instinctively want to scroll to the bottom of this personal website, viewing ~slideshows of her best photos in each step of the way. In terms of design, the textured, multi-layered background adds greater depth to the two-dimensional page in a way that evokes feelings of space and the planetary systems, which Johnson's work focuses on. No galleries of work are featured on her website, but it includes a link to see all of her creative work on Dribbble. Focused on typography and illustration, David Milan sees letters from another perspective. This is apparent on his personal website where he showcases an array of different typography examples that pop out. Be sure to keep imagery easy to understand so visitors aren't bombarded when they visit your site. Tamaras personal website is a celebration of simplicity. You can unsubscribe at any time, no hard feelings. Build your site for free and take as long as you need. The Wix website builder offers a complete solution from enterprise-grade infrastructure and business features to advanced SEO and marketing toolsenabling anyone to create and grow online. As soon as you land on Vance Bankss site, you see a smiling photo with a colorful background and a waving emoji. If youre someone with any sort of creative output, you want people to be able to see it. 2021Webflow, Inc. All rights reserved. Each section communicates specific points about their skills, and theres a good flow in how they tell their own story. Originally published Aug 19, 2021 2:15:00 PM, updated August 19 2021, Best Personal Websites: 19 Examples to Blow Your Mind, 17 Recruiter-Approved Skills for Your Resume That'll Help You Get the Job, The Best Fonts for Your Resume in 2022, According to HubSpot Recruiters, 13 Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. With a light gray background and tasteful yet stylized typography, Kyle Cravens portfolio has a clean and simple design.. The "My System" section reads like a company mission statement, and this personal touch helps humanize his work and make him more memorable. Bobbys personal website brings one directly into his creative mind, giving an up-close look at his talents and great sense of humor. When youre trying to build your online presence, youll need a very clear and concise bio to explain who you are. This is another portfolio that doesnt have any featured projects but rather provides a link to go check out his Dribbble profile. Here's the thing about resumes and cover letters: No matter how unique you try to make your own, for the most part, they tend to read dry. This immediately gives site visitors an idea of what Emre does as well as their work experience.. No matter the industry, we can all benefit from taking ownership of the way we present ourselves digitally to colleagues, customers, collaborators or fans. The website fifty coffees chronicles the author's series of coffee meetings in search of her next job opportunity, and it does a great job of using photography and visuals to assist in the telling of her lengthy stories. Its a nice touch that keeps the playfulness of the opening text going throughout the design. If you havent checked out the in-depth case study she wrote about crafting the visual identity for Slack, its a valuable read no matter what type of creative work you pursue. Weve written about Alice Lees portfolio before, but shes always updating her landing pages with new content such as interactive illustrations, new merch in her ecommerce store, and recent episodes of her Doodle Therapy show.. While it might seem overly minimal to only include three examples of her work, Daveid did her portfolio a service by including her best, most noteworthy campaigns. Alice specializes in character illustrations filled with vivid colors and a sense of organic textures, and the illustrations have a style all her own. A personal website gives you a forum to present the best that you do, as well as to communicate who you are both professionally and personally. Get the best, coolest, and latest in design and no-code delivered to your inbox each week. Mr. Money Mustache might take on an old-school, Gangs of New York-style facade, but his blog design -- and the advice the blog offers -- couldn't be more fresh (he also doesn't really look like that). Bobby also uses unique CTAs like give me a shout instead of contact me and meet the talent instead of see past clients.. Set up lightning-fast managed hosting in just a few clicks. Scrolling down reveals a visually pleasing design full of color, with light pastels making up much of the backgrounds. His website showcases three of his main social media channels in a grid format. While theres nothing wrong with this approach, its nice to see a photography business that puts extra effort into the look and branding of their web page. His logo and navigation menu are clear and don't distract from his work. A professional website can therefore play a key role in positioning you as a qualified expert in your field, reinforcing your personal brand and widening your reach. It's the perfect balance of a demo and a mini-resume. Recruiters are looking you up online, and a personal website that tells the story you want to tell can make all the difference between you and a competing candidate. Cheech shows off her multidisciplinary skills with both great design and solid writing. This is a good practice for personal websites, helping site visitors get to know the individual behind the name early on. Yes, theres the novelty factor, but this is still a very usable design. 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His website starts as a blank white page and ends as a fully interactive site that visitors can watch him code themselves. Theres also a store section, in which he sells vinyls, CDs and digital copies of his work. With clouds of Gaussian blurred background colors and a tidy layout, Arlen McCluskeys product design portfolio website feels almost minimalist when you first land on its homepage. Christopher Lee's portfolio is busy and colorful in a way that works. If youre a creator, you need an online portfolio to show off what youve been working on, to connect with like-minded people, and to help you in landing new work. What better way to show your prowess as a designer than offering a typeface that you personally made? Theres plenty of personality in this portfolio, with Bobbys design chops backing up his often hilarious bravado. To inspire you in creating yours, weve compiled a selection of 17 personal website examples that exude professionalism, all built on Wix. In addition, site visitors can watch Natsais TED talk thats embedded on the site, as well as read up on the company she created. Leonardi's incredible demo website uses animation and web development skills to turn his portfolio and resume into a video game for site visitors. The wedding photography business Mack and Pouya not only takes great photos, but also has a website with a joyful user experience that reflects their line of work. She also includes additional content, like a personal blog with numerous articles about her career path and topics related to design.
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